Ok. I know Christmas is

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Ok. I know Christmas is coming up. And we are all working feverishly to finish all the gifts we want to give out. But I had to do it. I had this gorgeous Kureyon just lying around, waiting to be knitted up. This pattern called to me Irish Hiking Scarf And I joined the knit along (my first KAL). To justify my actions, I'll post my "gift giving" list to show off I am about done for the season. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Sister In Law's Purse 95%
Sister In Law's Scarf Done
Sisters Mittens 90%
Step MIL Scarf Done
MIL crochet hat Done
Friend Tea Cozy Done
Mom Hat 85%
Dad Hat Done
Nephew 2nd Hat Done
Brother In Law's Hat crochet Done
Brother In Law's Hat 85%
**Done does not imply woven in ends ;)
I'm pausing on the socks. I don't have a crochet needle small enough to pick up the stitches I dropped. I'm considering changing to a different sock (wildefoot is just barely thicker than thread), doing the Welsh Stockings I really want to do, or a practice sock. Before I can jump into the Welsh socks, I need to learn how to knit in 2 colors. Any suggestions on where to read up on it?
I'm also planning on picking up Inox needles for the small sizes that didn't come in the Denise set. AND the yarn sale is coming up Saturday. I'm going to have to start advertising "will knit for yarn."

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