If it's wrong to love

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If it's wrong to love Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace, I don't want to be right. *sigh*
Just mere hours after I posted the picture of the Lionbrand Cottage Socks yesterday (made with South American wool), doggie found them and pulled 2 very long strands out. I don't know where they belong, but I'll fix it as soon as the drool dries.
Queen of the Damned
So I'm in Hoodie Hell. This is the longest thing I swear *%$@& I've ever knit, this hood. Longer than all other projects combined. It is never ending. I have a minimum of 50 rows left, Kill me now. In order to jump to purgatory, I swatched for the Classic Elite Venue Chevron Lace Pullover (could I add anymore nouns?!). It's a rare departure from my beloved wool. The yarn is kind of hard and scratchy. But I think the recipient will love the drape and the lightness of the fabric when it's done. You may also notice 2 balls of Brown Sheep Co's Nature Spun in the most recent picture. Being as I diligently swatched for the CLP, I had to add some excitement to my life. I'm hoping those two smallish balls will equal one pair of mittens for my adorable nephew. I'm living on the edge.
Ain't he cute?!
I almost forgot to add my coolest non-knitting-related purchase of the week!
Domestigirl told me about the wonders of Cooking Light magazine. You scoff. This magazine is the best invention ever (aside from the wonderous BCP). I was giddy when I stumbled upon Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005. I am one happy eater!

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