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Posted on Mar 03, 2005. 1 comment

Welcome to my new blog-home! I plan on updating the blog template as time goes by. Originally I planned on being finished before redirecting you here. However I am the epitome of laziness. At any rate, please update your bookmarks!
Here is a picture of *some* of my knits in progress.
The wine Rebecca cardi was frogged right after I took the photograph. I just wasn't happy with it. I redid it through one repeat, and have since decided not to add extra length. I looked at the measurements and did a high tech conversion with my handy dandy tape measure sent to me by my lovely Secret Pal. I think it'll fit fine.
Ah my poor abandoned Rogue. I have mere hundreds of stitches to graft, a smallish buttonband to add, and a few loose ends to weave. You would think such close proximity to finishing my first sweater would be motivation enough. Not.


  • Posted by mary miller on Mar 20, 2005

    I am observing all your new work. An artical is going to be in our news paper about our knitting club next week . The phptographer took pictures of the women and their work. Anew woman came to the meeting who wants to get wv women to knit with the new yarns and fashions, and sell them in ny. She wants to get a grant from the small business administration. She read a letter that senator rockafeller . She lives in dc and has a home in Bloomery near rt 522. She showed us the most beautiful yarn that i have ever seen. I told her about you. She wants to contact you. Please call me when you can and can stop knitting for a bit. Ps i love your work. I miss hearing uour voice. Love mom.Signing off…..

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