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My Husband spent the last week in the midwest, on a Ranch for work. While there he encountered a pig named Wilbur. Wilbur is a friendly, and smart (and rotund) pig. If you place your foot on Wilbur's head, he will push your foot up. I don't know who discovered Wilbur's talent, but word of his abilities reached all the way to Southern California.
My dutiful Husband demonstrated for me the Wilbur-the-pig foot push up technique. He sang the praises of Wilbur, still impressed at the intelligence and jovial pig.
It was with horror and consternation I discovered the Ranch that Wilbur belonged to was used for cityfolk hunting.
I understand the need for hunting game. I spent my formative years on my Uncle Johnny's beef farm. I fed the stray calf here and there, and knew that the cattle ended up as a food source. Although blessedly the slaughter was not done on the farm. I also knew many hunters, some of whom gifted my family with venison from their reserves.
But none of this helped me get over realizing Wilbur's eventual fate. Call me soft,tenderhearted or what you will. I am deeply touched by Wilbur's story.
This post is written in honor of Wilbur the Pig, may you live long and avoid cityfolk.


  • Posted by Yanci on Mar 08, 2005

    I love those little piggies, that picture would make a wonderful poster. I just want to hug that littlest one on the left!

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