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A big thanks to Lyssa for letting me know the comments weren't working. It should work now, and I can stop feeling pathetic because no one is leaving comments. *Hint Hint*
I've been doing quite a bit on the knitting front. Including finishing!
My good pal Roberta was a positive influence. While we were doing our 2 person Stitch n Bitch I got to finishing stuff in the UFO pile. Now if only she'll motivate me to finish that Masters thesis...
Here are Fiber Trend's felted clogs, pre-felting
That is indeed a quarter for scale. My husband wears a size 13 shoe, and I made them in the largest size available on the pattern. I used Brown Sheep Co's Lambs Pride. I didn't knit the extra bottom because at some point I will attach suede (sorry Wilbur) bottoms.
This yarn shed like crazy, so be sure to felt in either an old pillowcase or a mesh bag.
Tale of Woe
After the finishing kick I was on, I picked up Rogue. Or more accurately, Rogue-is-Me. Sometimes I just do things the hard way. Instead of picking up the live stitches and knitting 4 rows of stockinette for the hem, I did it separately and grafted it on. I won't make that mistake again!
Then I decided I had to fix the hood. If you look very carefully at the picture, you may notice a row or purls on the right side of the work.
I don't even want to say how much yarn got frogged or count the hours
wasted on making the hood look not much different than it already did. But it would have bothered me if I didn't at least attempt to fix it. So I have many ends to weave in, 2 buttonbands to pick up and knit, and attach the sleeves (the mere idea of which of sends me screaming into the other room).
I finished knitting Klaralund. I will sew it up *knock on wood* sometime this week. Progress I say, progress!


  • Posted by lyssa on Mar 08, 2005

    Those clogs are awesome! (and yes, I would have frogged back to the purls too…better that than never wear the sweater because of it.)

  • Posted by super secret pal on Mar 08, 2005

    congrats on the new blog home!!!
    your next package should be in the mail by this weekend or (latest) early next week…
    have a great day!!!!
    <3 knitty sp

  • Posted by grumperina on Mar 08, 2005

    I totally support your decision to frog in order to fix the row of purls. If you’re even 5% like me, it would drive you insane every time you’d think about it! I love all the projects you’re working on and have finished!

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