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Notice anything new on my sidebar? DH and I went to the gym this morning. Where I had to overdo it. When I first started "running" I was at a 17 minute mile pace (no laughing!). Today I *should* have run about a 14 minute mile. But being the foolish person I am, my mile clocked in in under 13 minutes. Why is this a bad thing? Well for one, I couldn't even complete a mile in High School due to my severe asthma. For two, I am out of shape. For three, I could feel the mucus forming in my lungs (that danged asthma again). I'll aim to go at a more reasonable pace for my body type tomorrow. Did you catch that? I'm going back tomorrow. And if I don't I expect to be harangued by my loyal readers.
I've made some good progress on my knitting this weekend. I'm about to turn the heel on my Mike's sock. Anyone ever done this
using the magic loop method? I'm knitting on 40" Addi Turbos.
I'm also progressing on the Rebecca cardi. I'm getting ready to start the armhole decreases.
And please, no one tell me about the row of purls. I see them there on the bottom right, taunting me.
I'll leave you with this photograph I took when Domestigirl and I had our whirlwind LYS tour.

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