Posted on Mar 14, 2005. 1 comment

It may look like a run of the mill, ordinary washcloth. But I assure you, it's not. It's knit the more efficient, continental way. With the help of I taught myself to knit Continental style. The washcloth by the way is for my Husband. You see he does the dishes and I procrastinate on do the laundry. What better gift for him than a hand knit washcloth? I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting a washboard.


  • Posted by lyssa on Mar 15, 2005

    Go washcloth go! I’m sure that will make doing the dishes fun and enjoyable. In fact, I would knit one for my husband if he did not have the odd attitude that my knitting means that I have too much free time (thus implying that maybe I should do the dishes instead). I don’t know where he gets these ideas…

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