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I shaved over 20 seconds off my time! It's kind of like knitting, you never really improve as quickly as in the beginning. I'm pleased with my progress. Earlier in the week I had a salt craving, and I consumed half my weight in salt. I bloated up like the goodyear blimp-but hey, my muscle cramps went away! Live and Learn.
Some things are so good they are worth repeating
Lyssa says

Go washcloth go! I'm sure that will make doing the dishes fun and enjoyable. In fact, I would knit one for my husband if he did not have the odd attitude that my knitting means that I have too much free time (thus implying that maybe I should do the dishes instead). I don't know where he gets these ideas...

Lyssa I suggest you let your Husband know that knitting is cheaper than killing him. This reminds me of a visit I had to Velona Arts and Crafts in Anaheim Hills. I mentioned my Husband might kill me for bringing home so much yarn. The owner calmly told me

He can only kill you once.

On a slightly different note, my friend Yanci's opinion on giving away items you've only knit once.

Well you wouldn't want to give your friend a rough draft would you?
This is purely for the gift receivees benefit you keep the first copy. And if you never make another one... not your

This absolves me of any guilt over keeping the Helen's Lace Shawl I'm working on. I mean who wants a rough draft, right? ;)
********All references to killing are to be taken figuratively unless your spouse takes away your yarn buying privileges. No husbands were harmed during the writing of this post.********


  • Posted by lyssa on Mar 16, 2005

    Heh heh. I think my husband has no idea how much time I actually spend knitting…and I’d like to keep it that way. He did admire the finished Glasgow scarf, though, and admitted that it was reallly beautiful. I think I’ll count that as a win.

  • Posted by knitty sp on Mar 17, 2005

    is a very bad sp
    hello friend!
    just writing to say (1) congrats!!! on the running time – you are far faster than me, i’m certain of that!
    and (2) i am a very bad sp because i still havent gotten out your latest package – by the weekend i absolutely promise it will be winging its way to you. or else i will not be allowed to buy yarn for a month (talk about motivation!!)
    hope you are well & run on! :-)
    <3, knitty sp

  • Posted by Tracy on Mar 18, 2005

    Wow, you are going to be one superfit lady! I love the picture of your dog by the way.

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