Knitters Against Ripping Back Knitting -or- KARBK

Posted on Mar 19, 2005. 3 comments

Fitness update time. I skipped the gym entirely yesterday. We went this morning, and I used the bike instead of jogging. My knee is a little twingy so I figured I'd give it a rest. I feel a little guilty for not reaching last weeks goal of 7 miles, but 6 is still decent. I had a goal of 10 miles for this week, but I'll drop it down to 8 or 9 so long as my knee stops aching.
The pink mohair was a surprise from Roberta. She also treated me to some fabulous dessert at a restaurant near Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. If you ever make it out that way,you must try the Todos Santos dessert. It's decadent and worth the calories. Roberta was so generous because she's been borrowing some magazines. I think I'm getting the better end of that deal!
You may also notice some Lorna's Laces sock yarn. You see, Domestigirl gave me the sockmania. I'm rushing through the end of my Husband's sock so I can get to mine. I contemplated buying another 40" Addi in US 1 simply to have more than one pair of socks going at a time. But then I came to my senses.
In other knitting news I've been doing more ripping than knitting this week. In addition to the row of purls there is a ghastly mistake on the Rebecca cardi. It's languishing in a pile because I can't stand to look at it. I don't want to rip it out. I bought an extra ball of GGH for the project so I may restart the back.
Anyone want to take bets on whether or not my my Husbands candy will last until Easter?
I made these humble stitch markers for my Knitty Secret Pal. Secret Pal, if you're reading this I've just outed myself! :)
Lets all wish Domestigirl well! She has a Martial Arts demo and a 10K on the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge this weekend. Go Kirsten, Go!


  • Posted by Jeri on Apr 09, 2005

    I’m in awe of all your knitting progress! Your needles must be smoking! :) Poor Peeps, they don’t last long around here either. My husband is the suspect.
    If you have a second, could you explain your stitch markers to me? I know what they are for, but the rings look solid – how do you get them off the knitting? Do you knit them into the rows and move them along? (I’m a new knitter, self-taught, and some things just aren’t clear to me)Your stitch markers are so beautiful. :)

  • Posted by Roberta on Mar 20, 2005

    those stitch markers look soo cool. I thought those were the ones you bought, and i couldn’t figure it out because i thought they were different.
    as far as the workout, you can just substitute 2mi on the bike for a 1mi run.
    and the sock, it looks so nice. mike is gonna love that one.

  • Posted by grumperina on Mar 22, 2005

    For whatever reason, I couldn’t leave a comment in the entry above, where the following belongs:
    You are so right! Having a slip-stitch design with hand-painted yarn is a really great idea because it breaks up blocks of color and adds interest! I have to say that The Classy Slip-Up is getting pretty popular – I’ve made a pair, and Agnes ( is starting a pair, too! Good luck :).

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