Good Times

Posted on Mar 22, 2005. 2 comments

Look at the awesome package I got from my knitty secret pal!
Thank you so much for all the great gifts! Stay tuned for more posts ;)
This is testament of the love I have for my husband. To the right of his finished Welsh Country Stocking is a regular sized woman's sized sock. One sock down, 73,678,251 left to go!
I love the pattern for my Lorna's Laces sock. I'm using the Classy Slip Up pattern from Knit Socks!. The leg repeat breaks up the color transitions, and keeps the yarn from pooling. I'm enjoying the pattern so much I haven't knit on anything but these socks.
I'm sad to say the peeps met their untimely demise shortly after the taking of this photograph. It was quick and painless. Except for my waistline. My knee is better so I'm still plodding away on the treadmill at the gym. I'm glad to be earning back my running muscle on the sides of my legs. Go me!


  • Posted by roberta on Mar 23, 2005

    I love those peeps in the picture.
    Is that colorful sock the yarn you got at the alamitos bay store? It looks really cool.
    Don’t forget, spring break, campus should be closed, you don’t have to fake the knitting fever.

  • Posted by lyssa on Mar 24, 2005

    Mmmm…spring break….peeps (can’t bring those into my house, DH is terrified of them)…crazy knitting sprees…stay tuned for photos of my peacock shawl, well into it’s second skein!
    P.S. I like your sock a lot! That pattern might even inspire me to knit some socks.

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