Great Moments in Knitting History

Posted on Mar 27, 2005. 3 comments

I was rereading Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears when I came upon this quote

Some people pick up the stitches with the needle, and then knit them off. I think that this is because the term "pick up" has misled them.

Ummmm, what? You aren't supposed to pick up stitches along a gusset?
Or say a button band? You're supposed to pull wool through them? Holy Mother of God! So many needless nights of my prolific cursing bursting forth! Wool pulled so tightly it nearly breaks! White knuckled moments followed by a bout of severe potty mouth! Followed by mass consumption of peeps!
I was doing it wrong. This is almost as momentous as the time I discovered you weave in the loose ends with a tapestry needle instead of a crochet hook. Stop giggling, Mom!
For those that read my last entry, I decided goth was so 10 years ago and promptly wove in the ends. I may redo the button bands a third time again now that I know how to do it properly. This photo was taken mere moments before I blocked Rogue. I was surprised that the color bled a little as I was washing it. But it did soften up the Cascade 220, and the stitches plumped out too. I used the spin feature on my washing machine after hand washing in woolite and rinsing well. Then I laid it out carefully on my homemade blocking board, pulling and tugging to get it to its desired shaped. I hope it dries fast!
I used the same process with Klaralund. I found the yarn took on an odd odor after washing. I placed a dryer sheet on top of it for an hour. when I checked in on it all I could smell was dryer sheet so I assume it worked. The spinning process stretched out the upper portion more than I liked, so I put on my fearless hat and followed in the footsteps of the Knitting Wench. I threw it in the dryer for a few minutes. The sleeves shortened and the sweater seemed to keep its overall dimensions.
PS Any and All Peeps in a 10 mile radius have mysteriously disappeared. The police have no suspects.
Happy Easter!


  • Posted by Teresa C on Mar 30, 2005

    I am a few days late on this post, but I got a huge chuckle out of the pick up sts thing. I am so glad you have figured it out. The entire rest of your life will be a breeze!

  • Posted by lcord on Mar 29, 2005

    I only realized the pick up stitches thing a few months ago as well.
    Klaralund and Rogue both look great!

  • Posted by Brandie on Mar 29, 2005

    Thanks to what you said, I realized I’ve been picking up stitches all wrong myself! Yikes! The “right” way looks 100 times easier than what I’ve been doing, so thanks! LOL!

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