Got Sleep?

Posted on Mar 27, 2005. 2 comments

Top Two Reasons I need to make a felted kitty bed
Please avert your eyes from the mess. Knitting cuts into my cleaning


  • Posted by Margot on Mar 30, 2005

    Hee hee, why do cats always have to sit on piles of stuff?
    Your two look just like my two. I made them one bed; they have to share. : )
    Pretty Rogue and Klara!

  • Posted by Roberta on Mar 29, 2005

    Yep, that is so kitty like. Geiger looks really cute though, I’m sure it was hard to move him.
    And you finished your rogue. I am soo proud of you. Can’t wait to see it. What ya doing thursday? hehe.

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