Ah the joys of Running

Posted on Apr 07, 2005. 0 comments

Trail Running
I liken the trail running experience to that of walking barefeet over hot coals, or perhaps over glass. The guys at work regularly perform such feats of magic. When I've gasped for breath and stumbled blindly run with them in the past they did this little thing called "Beach Running." Whilst I was dying trail running (my work running buddy was gliding along effortlessly) my fellow runner told me that running on beach sand was "flat." Now having experienced beach running myself and consequently the lenghtening of one leg from running on a 45 degree angle I know this to be false. My running boot camp instructor buddy said he wasn't talking about that kind of sand, but the dry kind. I guess that sand is about as flat as my head. If you are curious as to why I am torturing myself exercising I'll help elucidate. I'm a registered entrant in the Revlon Run/Walk For Women. The money raised goes to the fight against Women's cancers. If you are a couch potato not into the running thing, or don't live near Los Angeles you can still contribute!
I've added a link and button to my sidebar. Please feel free to donate!

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