My camera ran off with my 1.5 mm Crochet Hook

Posted on Apr 07, 2005. 4 comments

Firstly look at the fantabulous package my Knitty Secret Pal Maria sent!
Maria, you went above and beyond the call of Knitterly secret pal duties. For that I thank you! My thighs however do not thank you for the divine Belgian chocolate you sent my way. I'm considering adding a sidebar button stating how many peices I've consumed daily. I am honestly delighted with everything you sent. Thank you for being so thoughtful, and generous!!
Secondly I am knitarded. It seems that everything I knit these days I have to rip and redo. First the damn Rebecca Cardi, then the second Welsh stocking for my husband. Now I've cast on for the brilliant Spearfish sock. For some reason I take the loose knitting to an extreme. To get gauge I have to use size US 000 needles. Disgusting isn't it? Needles that small are akin to fishing line and hair pins.
Attack of the Asthma
So I had a fairly serious asthma attack yesterday morning. It was caused by acid reflux washing up in my esophagus and getting a little to close to my lungs. Everything is ok now but I ended up in the Emergency Room for a breathing treatment. I knew I was ok because I was calmly packing knitting just in case I had to stay for a while. I am happy to report I was allowed to knit in the ER which was calming for me and my asthma, to be sure. I'm all back to normal and will resume normal activities tomorrow.
Geiger sends his love.


  • Posted by maria on Apr 07, 2005

    kitty victory!
    he looks good in that not-bed :-)
    glad the package got to you safely & glad you’re feeling better!!
    obviously you need chocolate in stressful health situations like these – perhaps i should send more for an emergency stash ;-)

  • Posted by Cece on Apr 09, 2005

    I had to go down 4 needle sizes once for a Manos sweater – I feel for your loose knitting issues!
    And chocolate send by fellow knitters has half the ‘hip stick’ factor as other types – just so you know!
    : )

  • Posted by Jo on Apr 18, 2005

    Swooning at cat cuteness.
    And I’m so glad Maria was such a good SP. ;) We had a little trio of good secret pal karma! :)

  • Posted by La on Apr 07, 2005

    Are the bits of paper still in the bottom of his “not a cat bed”? Glad you’re doing better!

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