Who needs a Masters Degree, Anyway?

Posted on Apr 12, 2005. 2 comments

So I'm nearly finished with my Masters Degree. Nearly. I've been in college EIGHT YEARS. That's right folks, the last eight years of my life have included me attending college. The first two years at a local Community College while working full time, the next four at a not so local University, still working. And finally the last two and half years devoted to a University across the country, still working yet. So why in heavens name does the idea of working full time without school terrify me? I have no idea.
I'm so worked up I am nearly superglued to the couch. This week is devoted solely to working at school, taking the steps needed to prepare for Masters Thesis research. I've done research before, gotten a degree before, but never have I felt this apprehension.
I'm going (if I can get off of the couch this morning) full speed ahead until the end of June when my advisor takes a month off. If all goes well I'll be ready to start writing my thesis at that time.
Thank god I have socks to knit through all of this.


  • Posted by karen knits on Apr 15, 2005

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comment on my blog. Still need to weave in the ends on that capelet. Then I’ll have to decide where it’s going.
    I’ve been out of graduate school for a long time now, but I still take classes with someone whose work I’m interested in. I like being a student, it suits me, I guess. So I just keep on doing it, working at the same time, of course!

  • Posted by lyssa on Apr 12, 2005

    Yay college! Been here 5 years myself, hopefully someday I will have a bachelors in psych to go with my AA in art.

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