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Posted on Apr 14, 2005. 3 comments

Finished Socks!
Look away from the unwoven ends, LOOK AWAY!
I've created these cute little breast cancer awareness ribbons with my new favorite microscopic yarn, Douceur et Soie. Each person who donates $10 or more for the Revlon Run/Walk will get a hand made, hand crafted ribbon, made in the USA by me personally! If that isn't exciting, I don't know what is!
A few words about school
I've gotten through this phase of my worries. I've actually taken the opportunity to take time off of work to focus on finishing up my Masters. If I just remember to take baby steps (Thanks La) everything will be a-okay. I can't help but giggle to myself that the forces that be want me to intentionally place water near equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars. But if they trust me, why not? I'm up for it.
That damned Rebecca Sweater
Everyone on the planet seemed to find the pattern clear and easy. Last night I finally got around to fixing the mess left front I forgot to do the armhole decreases on. I figured it all out and finished, only to three needle bind off the right side to the wrong side. Between the fuzzy yarn, and general inability to rip back, dumb mistakes, and poorly written pattern, I have found this sweater to be a pain in the ass. I hope it looks good on me, damnit.
The pattern reads partly in a way I like, knit until such and such length, then at such and such length do the decreases for the armhole, etc. The problems creep in on the left front and right front instructions. They go something like: do this set of knitting, then decrease as you did on the back, AND do the reverse of the left front for the right front. Instructions in different paragraphs that have to be slopped together don't work well for me. Guess I learned my lesson!
Sidelined by Blisters
Hopefully my heels will heal up by tomorrow so I can get in a good run.
I wore a very cute pair of shoes which blistered my feet badly. That'll teach me not to stray from my comfy shoes. I'm a simple kind of dresser. I have a large collection of Old Navy t-shirts (perfect fit if you are curious) in different colors. I normally just pick one to wear, I layer them a lot. This brings me back to the shoes.
I love tennis shoes, those Bass flip flops with the criss crossing leather, and slip ons. I decided that fateful day to wear my Capezio Mary Jane style shoes that have blistered my feet before. I figured the previous blisters would have toughened up my feet. NOT! Well at least I had cute shoes if only for a half an hour. I hope beyond hope my feet heal up enough so I can get in a 3 miler tomorrow. Which would still put me a little under for this weeks goal, but that's ok.
In closing my Dog and my Husband pose for a blogograph


  • Posted by lcord on Apr 14, 2005

    Nice socks, are they for yourself? That’s a great idea knitting up the ribbon, the yarn looks so soft.

  • Posted by karen knits on Apr 15, 2005

    Love the doggie!

  • Posted by Jo on Apr 18, 2005

    Um… nice-looking family members you have there. (in other words, cute dog, and VERY CUTE man! Good job there. ;) )

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