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To Whom it May Concern:
The hereto previously named "Rebecca Eyelet Wrap Cardi" has been renamed
the Redrum sweater.
So evil it can't hold still for a proper photograph. I am soldiering on despite it's shitiness moral repugnance. My husband gently suggested I refrain from setting it on fire in the backyard. We'll See.
In other news I'm back to running. My blistered heels were lonely and so a new blister popped up on the bottom of my foot. But other than that running is going really really really brilliantly.
I'm consoling myself with homemade chocolate chip cookies and the Latin Kings of Comedy.


  • Posted by Jo on Apr 18, 2005

    Note to self: Never, ever make evil rebecca sweater.
    Good for you for running off your frustration. Chocolate chip cookies fix everything.

  • Posted by lcord on Apr 17, 2005

    That sucks about the cardi, are you going to give it another try?

  • Posted by Anmiryam on Apr 18, 2005

    That Rebecca sweater has insidious ways. I too had problems with the fronts — timing all the various increases and decreases. Much ripping ensued. I think the problem may be the instructions and the fact that you don’t really get into a rhythm before you have to start thinking about multiple tasks. I’m almost done with mine and like you, I’m thinking it better look good…

  • Posted by La on Apr 18, 2005

    You should knit that while DRINKING Red Rum: Mountain Dew Code Red and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum….yummy.
    Hey, we’re still on for Saturday, right?

  • Posted by grumperina on Apr 17, 2005

    Hello, twin. I’m watching the Latin Kings of Comedy, too! I used to eat the little chicken butt when I was little, and I liked it :). And I see you’re hosted by LivingDot, too!!! Aren’t they great?

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