Am I Droll? (It's HYPOTHETICAL people, No need to answer)

Posted on Apr 21, 2005. 0 comments

What do these google search terms used to find my blog say about me?
-all about buggery (twice?!)
-armhole smell
-toughened barefeet
To the searcher of "bernat yarn tangled mess" you have my deepest sympathies.
In knitting news, I finished the first sleeve for the redrum sweater and cast on for the second. I also finished the heel flap and turn for the Classy Slip Up Sock, but have yet to pick up (you know you pull the wool through the stitches right?) the gussets and go on my merry way.
That leaves in my knitting in box
2 Spearfish Socks
1 March Christmas Sweater
1 Scarf Style Scarf in Cashmere for my Husband
1 Helens Lace Pattern-with-purchase-shawl
Many Pink Ribbons
1 Wedding gift
1 Baby gift as soon as the gender is determined
Guess I better get started!
PS I think I've worked out the Haloscan commenting. Give it a whirl wouldja?

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