La La La-La-La-La

Posted on Apr 23, 2005. 0 comments

Guess who I'm hanging out with today? That would be La of knit blogger fame. We are being loosed on the yarn shop world with our credit cards. Too bad the stock market is closed today 'cause I would buy up yarn stock if I were you.
A Note about Blogger
Dear Roberta and Lyssa,
I regret to inform you that every time I attempt to leave you a comment it disappears into the ether. Or worse yet, I follow the link from bloglines to a post that doesn't exist. It is exasperating.
I'm not sure if I have the right email address for you, would you email me at blossom_lover(at NO SPAM)hotmail(period)com? I made this button for you and I'm not sure if you ever saw my comment.
If you want a button designed by moi let me know.

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