Ain't too Proud

Posted on Apr 24, 2005. 0 comments

I had a blast hanging out with La on Saturday. We stopped by Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, Liscat, and Michael's . We must have switched to an alternate Universe because I bought nothing at either LYS. In fact the only yarn I did buy was Sugar n' Cream. I made a washcloth out of it in Garter and Stockinette. I figure this places me in the knitterly hierarchy as a Serf. I'm ok with that, 'cause this is what I made.
You can view it wrapped up as a gift here and here. The pattern is from the Winter 2003 issue of Interweave Knits. I plan on making more. They're great instant knitting gratification gifts and mighty cute.
I also bought Stitch Marker fixins at Michael's .
In my family we are a bunch of packrats hold on to things for a long period of time. These beads for instance. I remember playing with these beads in the very pill bottles they're displayed in. That would make them at least 25 years old. They've traveled throughout most of the Country with stops in Virginia, West Virginia, and finally California. After giving them a quick bath I started whipping out heirloom stitch markers.
It's possible my Grandma even handled these beads. That makes them invaluable to me.
She was an avid crocheter. She taught me to crochet chains without a needle. I'd make chains miles and miles long. She also made me pick my own switch. She was a good woman. I'll remember a little part of my childhood each time I use these heirloom bead stitch markers.

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