Inordinately Grumpy

Posted on Apr 28, 2005. 0 comments

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my Myers-Briggs personality type,
ISTJ. If you're interested in your personality type take the test here and read up on your type here. Let me know what type you are!
There is an evil tree in Southern California. It's beautiful on the outside but wreaks havoc on the inside. I've always suffered (albeit mild) allergies but this year is beyond the pale. I hope it's due to the rain and not a regular occurance.
These are the beads I made for Roberta. She liked them so much she had to cast on for a project just so she could use them. I feel honored :)
These noodles are the best noodles ever. They become kind of dough-y and delicious when cooked. I figure what could be better than really good Udon and Kitty sushi? The cat relented and took to his bed, but only after I removed every other possible object he could sleep on.
I've restarted a previous project, the Chevron Lace Pullover by Classic Elite (look up Theater and Venue 898 if interested). My first attempt was a complete and utter disaster. The pattern has regular repeats with 8 stitches remaining at the end of each RS row, but twice the pattern states "7 and 9" stitches remaining. I discovered the error after plotting up the pattern in a chart. I love the chart. Yes it took me a few hours to do, but it was so worth it. I was getting lost in the jumble of words. I also switched from Denise Needles to Addi turbos. Finally I decided to knit the front and back in the round since the pattern is pretty easy to convert. Let us not speak or think of the redrum sweater in a jumbled pile hidden away awaiting finishing.

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