Adding a button to a blogger sidebar~Tutorial

Posted on Apr 29, 2005. 0 comments

First things first. Right click on the image and save it to your desktop.

Next upload the image. I used Hello, it was free. Some people use photo bucket, Shutterfly and the like. For this example I've used Hello.


Then go to your blog and right click on properties. When the properties box comes up click your mouse beside "Address:URL" for Internet Explorer, or "Address" for mozilla. Next press the "CTRL" and "A" key at the same time to highlight the address of the image. Next press "CTRL" and "C" to copy the address. Open your blogger dashboard and go to blog template.


Scroll through the code until you see the phrase "powered by blogger." It will have something that says "a href" and "img source" near it. I've chosen this location such that the new button will be underneath the blogger button in the sidebar. With more experience you can choose different locations in your sidebar for button placement. Paste the address of your button here. We'll add the tags next.


Here are the tags for the image, and a link
< a href= "PLACE URL FOR BUTTON HERE" target = "_blank" > < "img src="COPY AND PASTE BUTTON ADDRESS HERE"" > Copy this whole tag and place it under the button address you copied earlier. Be sure to add the URL for the button in the a href quotes and the address for the button in the img src quotes. Make absolutely sure you remove the extra quotation marks I added in front of "img" and after the word "Here." I had to add those so the tag would show up. Also delete the button address you copied into the template but didn't add to the tag. After you've done this, save template changes, and republish the index. Your button should appear on your sidebar!

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