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Reasons why Yarn is better than Men.
The following list is based on fictional characters and events. Any perceived similarities real or imagined are not the responsibility of the author.
1. It doesn't talk back.
2. It never forgets to do the dishes.
3. No snoring.
4. It doesn't scratch its bits in public.
5. It doesn't care for football or other sports.
6. It doesn't cut down all the trees in the yard and leave them in a 6 foot heap until the lady of the house gets tired of it and piles the trees on her husband's side of the bed flips out.
7. It doesn't know any annoying dialogue from movies or tv shows such as but not limited to Star Wars I, II, IV, V, and VI, Monty Python, and Conan the Barbarian.
8. It appreciates you bringing home more yarn friends.
9. It always knows the right answer to "Does my butt look fat?"
10. No pesky Mother in Law.
Thanks to Roberta for inspiring today's post with a hilarious post of her own. A Special Thanks to my darling husband for his fantastic sense of humor.

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