All Stargate All the Time

Posted on May 05, 2005. 0 comments

It must be my fascination with Richard Dean Anderson all things Science Fiction. Is Stargate SG-1 a really great show or what? Many thanks to The Mistress of All Things Jedi, La (Hey I saw Darth Tater at your HOUSE) for letting me borrow Season One. I finished up the last episode today and let me tell you TO BE CONTINUED does not bode well with me.
Redrum Revisted
The sleeves are attached, the ends single crocheted, and most importantly, I've picked up stitches to add K2,P2 around the bottom since the sizing is appropriate for a prepubescent girl.
I've mentioned to numerous people that if I ever speak of knitting a Rebecca pattern again, they are to bodily remove the magazine from my hot little hands and smack me with it until the desire is gone.
I was just commenting to Roberta the other day how I only had 3 projects going. I now have 5. I expect that number to increase exponentially. Please, somebody stop me from casting on for the Flower Basket shawl, yet another pair of socks (I whipped out a quickie pair since the last time I talked about socks), another cotton warshcloth, a cozy for my sorbet pint, and finally from buying all the Cotton Ease in the world just because it's discontinued.

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