I think I need some of that water now...

Posted on May 09, 2005. 0 comments

I tried to do a simple lace edging with 12 stitches cast on and it proved to be too much. Ever the optimist I'll give it another go eventually, after a good douse of the Smart Water that is.
We have woodland creatures in our backyard.
Specifically small baby Possums. I know they eat bad things, are good for the environment, and there's even yarn with their fur, BUT DAMN. These beasts are U-G-L-Y. Surprisingly they don't like to be sprayed by a screaming loon homeowner with a water bottle. They hiss with their mouths open similar to a crocodile.
Crocodile 471006.jpg
Being practically prehistoric and all, they could be distant cousins couldn't they? I'll never get over the time an ill possum crawled into our backyard and died. And for hours we didn't know if it was really dead or Possum dead. It involved lots of screeching and some stick poking. Thankfully we lived in an apartment complex where there were people whose job it was to sweep up dead-dead Possums. Else there would have been some real hysterics.

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