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I'm done Helen's Lace Free and Easy Pie-Wedge Shawl. It's not really clear to me why knitting three-quarters of a mile of garter stitch interspersed with 72 yarn overs is really Free or Easy. Why did I think that much garter stitching was an acceptable task? Sure I thought "it's lace! It's pretty!" while I was in the store, and I was enamored with Lorna's Laces Tahoe delightful colorways. But looking back to three months ago, I'm not really sure what possessed me to take on this project. I even asked my Husband. I said "Husband, who is worthy of a gift requiring this much time and effort?" Sadly the only person he came up with is me. So it turns out in the beginning when Roberta said I could never give away a rough draft, she was right. I'll be sitting here in the corner rocking back and forth wearing my Free and Easy Pie-Wedge Shawl with my rubber chicken pajama pants. And my Fredricks Braw. And socks under my flip flops.
It's Presentation Time
I prepared 15 slides for my Free and Easy Graduate Student How I screwed around all semester Presentation. And you know what? Apparently I'm the only Grad Student in the 21st century! There wasn't even a projector with which to attach my sad, sorry laptop.
All the other smartypants Graduate students cleverly wrote their presentations on the backs of snotty tissues or had those fancy schmancy "transparencies." So I stood up and introduced myself, explaining that my presentation would be "Low-Tech" although I had painstakingly prepared too many slides come prepared. Said about 20 seconds worth of filler and then opened up the discussion to questions which got a lot of laughs. I don't think they figured out I wasn't joking.
How to be a fan girl 101
I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of the coolest Laura/ies ever. I was worried on the way over if my tin hat was propped just so, and if they would notice my fan girl whistle. Silly me. La makes the best tea outside of the Mason Dixon Line, and keeps supplying me with crack more seasons of Stargate SG1. If you didn't know already she used to be a Renne Faire Enthusiast. she also has a closet full of the most delightful princess queen period gowns. I mean if I were her I'd totally get all dolled up and head out to Vons. I'd probably even try to speak with a really terrible british accent. Because that's period right? Everyone spoke Britainese back then! Bloody buggery snoggingly boot tele Monty Python Benny Hill Absolutely Fabulous Britainese Sweetie Darling!

is also an amazing addition to the Knit bloggers of the world. Even if I am only a knit-blogger-hanger-on I was thrilled to hang out with someone who speaks the same language. And by that I mean Southernese. She knows what sweet tea is, she says ya'll all the time, and knows how to entertain you! Back in the south when I grew up there were country stores where the old guys would "set" on beat up old tore down bug infested armchairs and would shoot the shit all day. In the long tradition of shooting the shit the best storytellers come out. Laurie has the number one head honcho armchair position in my estimation. She is one hell of a hell of a story teller, and don't let her tell you any different. You know how well she writes and you get all caught up in it and you want to laugh and cry at the same time? That's Laurie. She can shoot the shit with the best of them. And you know what else? Wouldn't it be great if her fantastic writing was rewarded with a fabu and well deserved writing contract? Who'd have the creativity then? Huh?
I'm done blowing sunshine for today except to say La is a fantastic hostess and Laurie will entertain the hell out of you.
If you've made it this far you'll realize I'm having a good old fashioned Stargate CONTEST! No Sci Fi experience necessary! The first person to correctly guess the number of season two episodes of Stargate SG1 I've watched since Saturday night will get a prezzie from me! Leave a comment by May 17th, Midnight Pacific time and you could win! Don't miss out!

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