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The Stargate Contest! is over and there is a winner! I'll post more later. But no worries, my love for all things Richard Dean Anderson Sci fi continues on.
I'm planning a coup d'etat involving the venerated Flower Basket Shawl sometime this week. I have the most perfect yarn, Baby Silk from Elann. Does anyone else find the Pasticcio model mildly unnerving?
Here's a preview of the Chevron Lace Pullover commonly known as the March Christmas Sweater.
Baxter gives his stamp of approval.
I am usually loathe to post quiz results in the old blog, but I'll make an exception since this one is pretty cute. I saw it first on the blog belonging to Snooze, who I can only hope likes the Soprano's as much as I do. (Snooze didja get my email?) I am not easily swayed by flattery. The comment Snooze left had everything nothing to do with my linking her today.
Snooze said:
I just got here via Laurie's you Bloglined now, I do. You hang with cool people and your knitting is fabu and I am your newest (but not onlyest) fan! I do however, find it curious that you say *y'all* which is a southernism and *braw* which is so New Jersey that it's Soprano. Any explanation? Signed, Your New Fan
I answered via email, and have chosen to share my reply with my accompanying thoughts added in bolded text:
Thanks for the laugh! I have a fan! The truth is I am a diehard Soprano's fan. There are people in the world who are fans of stuff, and that is really cool. Another truth is I said "Braw" because I figured if I said "Brawl" (the true way to say it in Southernese) no one would know what I was talking
about. And then all my Fans would go away and that would suck, I like fans. So maybe subconsciously I picked the Soprano's accent? Because I am a fan of the Sopranos, I heart you Tony Soprano!!!!! Ok Paulie Walnuts too. And Silvio.
I should be so cool! To have a fan, I love fans!.

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

No pointing and laughing at the Hippy Sheep, mkay?

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