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Posted on May 18, 2005. 0 comments

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The winner of the Stargate Contest! with a guess of 9 episodes is Lyssa! She's awfully busy whispering to her kitties, but I figure she'll do well to have a yarn distraction. I'll be sending some sock yarn, needles, and homemade stitch markers I've been churning out.
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La Said:

hee hee...I've got this visual of you as Donkey in Shrek, jumping up and down behind all the enchanted creatures screaming "ooooh...pick me pick me!"

You don't know how much your comment rings true! My Uncle Johnny used to offer my a shiny new dollar bill if I'd shut up for five minutes. Is it any surprise I never got the damn dollar? Not even once!
I am the product of an environment with 2 older siblings who lived away from home when I was growing up. We lived on a farm, with 3 TV channels, cows, and lots of books. Are you surprised that my derivative sense of humor stems from Garfield comics, Gordon Korman books, The Far Side, and the writing of Lewis Grizzard, and Dave Berry?
In between all the book reading I had to entertain myself.
And I have the attributes of the baby of the family and an only child. It makes for an interesting mix of showing off performance art personality traits. Most in real life would find me fairly subdued, but sometimes too much coffee brings out the "look at me" in me.
In knitting news I cast on for a new project...but not anything that I've mentioned before. The siren song of discontinued Cotton Ease proved to be too much for me and a picked up a few balls. Summer IK has a bath set consisting of a bathrobe, tank top, and shorts. I opted to do the shorts only, and I'm changing the pattern quite a bit. I'm knitting both legs in the round, then I'll join them and finish the seat of my pants (ha) in the round as well. I'm going to change the eyelets ties too. I just can't leave well enough alone, can I?
I'll be at the movies watching Star Wars today with my popcorn and chocolate barring sold out crowds. Happy Thursday!

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