Knitting Wanderlust

Posted on May 20, 2005. 0 comments

Oh the fickleness of the Fickleknitter.
The Summer IK shorts (from the bath set) are cute, but the cotton tires my hands. I decree Summer IK shorts will heretofore be called "Pistachio" after the color of cotton ease I'm using.
The March Christmas sweater is sometimes enjoyable, especially since I charted the pattern. But Classic Elite Venue crap tape is prone to needle poking and making my shoulder hurt from k3tog.
Triada. Evil be thy name. Whose idea was it to combine black, hot pink, and lime green? Oh yeah that would be mine. This knit has been elevated to hate strongly disliked status. Going back and rereading the measurements I've realized this will not fit all drapey and ethereal over my chest. I will look like a realllllly big fish stuck in a reallllly small net should I be stupid enough to wear it. And who in the hell can I bestow $35 of ugly upon?
Spearfish Socks. After casting on on at least ten different occasions I think it's finally stuck. All I had to do was change Needles, Yarn, and Sock Size. I still had to cast on 3 different times last night. One holdup involved me trying to shove stitch markers I'd made onto split rings approximately 3 mm wide with a butter knife. Roberta had 911 punched into cell phone ready to go. As I've had accidents of supreme stupidity involving doing really ridiculously dumb things with knives before. I swear I'm not a circus performer.
Baxter finds all yarn Spearfish to be delectable.
Star Dorks
You know it's bad when the trip to Star Wars: Revenge of the Smurf Sith starts out with me putting my hands to my head and telling Bertie I'm using the force and can she guess what I am doing. She replied with the correct answer. I was being a dork. We were dorks in my house before we left, in the car, buying the tickets, in line, before, during and after the movie. For uber dorks everywhere I've taken a bad picture of the Star Wars Marquis.
A long, long line of 15 formed out side the theater.
We knit in line.
This is Roberta's gorgeous sweater that I covet and I'm going to take even if it doesn't fit me.
Here you see pistachio. I don't know why my arm looks so incredibly huge except to mention foreshortening. Foreshortening also makes pistachio leg look much much bigger than my thigh. Ahem.

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