Great Moments in Knitting History

Posted on May 22, 2005. 0 comments

Ever think to yourself whilst knitting in the round:
Self: Self aren't you glad you've never accidently ended up with a twisted cast on?
Only to realize 3 hours of knitting later that you just did?
Me neither.
This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Real Simple Magazine -or- Why I knit instead of do Home Improvements.
Dear Real Simple Magazine,
I implore you to stop giving dolts like myself these crazy ideas that they can do Home Improvement projects. These purported "projects" are not Real Simple, they are in fact Real Complicated for the Real Incompetent.
This monstrosity was created by myself with 3 cans of spray paint, primer, and one injury to the supposed "spray paint finger." It has been the shining highlight of my Living Room, present for all to mock for the past year. Please publish a follow up article on how to set afire throw out said horrific unfinished "projects."
Knitterly Yours,
Her Fickleness.
Another reason I knit and leave the Home Improvement to the Experts:

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