Puppy Love

Posted on May 23, 2005. 0 comments

If you gave birth to me, please avert your eyes from this post. It will only cause you chagrin and disapointment that your youngest of 3 keeps a messy house and has not yet had any grandchildren.
There are no clean surfaces in my house. And I might add every single dish is dirty. Every cup, spoon, knife, fork, chopstick, plate, bowl, coffee mug, and glass is dirty AND covering every spare inch of surface on the kitchen counter. I don't blame my Husband. It's his job to do the dishes, but he's sick. It's not his fault if I kill him now he won't be able to do the dishes I use 5 of each flavor of dish daily. .
Due to the lack of clean surfaces, I had to evict the dog from his rug so I could take some pictures.
I call this one "Sorbet Cozy." Damn I'm clever.
I love my felted clogs. Although I'm a little concered I felted them a bit too much stupid wide feet.
Back to the Dog. He didn't like being evicted from his favorite rug. So he escaped the yard again. And a pretty lady rang my doorbell (have I mentioned I have a pile 6 feet tall of dead trees in my front yard?) to tell me she saw the open gate and the dog. Then she saw me in my dirty clothes, unbrushed hair and red flip flops running after the dog. Who was laughing at me from the neighbors yard where he was perched. Oh the humanity.
The previous post was brought to you by the letters P, M, and S.

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