Flippant Friday

Posted on May 26, 2005. 0 comments

Behold as a wild ass in the desert go I forth to my work.
Jon Luc Picard Patrick Stewart, Dune
I admit I am one of the 10 Dune fans in the world. Young Kyle MacLachlan will you marry me? I was thrilled and amazed to see the SciFi channel showing the long version. So thrilled I turned on the sound up to "49." Which sounds really rumbly and cool when the State Puff Marshmallow Man Spaceships are flying around.
I don't have much to write about today. I'm tired. I have officially got a Graduate Committee and will be submitting my Advancement to Candidacy paperwork in the next few days. Next up is research all summer culminating with me writing my thesis and turning it in before October 28, 2005. Somebody hold me, please.
In knitting news I'm almost ready to turn the heel on Spearfish. It looks like crap. Somewhere I goofed up the handkerchief heel even though I've done it at least 4 other times. But it's on US 0 needles so it will just look sloppy 'cause I ain't ripping it out. At least I'll be able to tell the two socks apart although I'm not sure what purpose that will serve.
The shorts are great. In my usual manner I used the gauge from the pattern and took off from there. Yesterday I started the seat of my pants (how many times will I make that pun?) waist shaping using a pair of shorts I love as a model. It seems like endless stockinette probably because it is. The March Christmas Sweater is plugging along. I have 10 long inches of pattern before I start the shoulder shaping and bind off. I'll be sad to give away a sweater. I figure if all else fails I can just keep it for myself. I am muy selfish.
Speaking of selfish I want new yarn SO bad. I want lace weight. I keep talking about the venerated Flower Basket Shawl but the truth is I want to make another lace weight shawl. I've worn my newly finished Easy Peasy Lace shawl at least 4 times since I finished it. I'd wear it more if it wouldn't net me funny looks from the other students in my lab. I also need shawl pins. I have a couple of nice ones but I must have more! Any ideas on where to buy nice quality pins that don't cost a ton of money?
I'll close with a gratuitous picture of Baxter recovering from a playing binge.
Like a wild ass in the desert I will go forth to my work today. Have a great weekend!

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