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Posted on May 30, 2005. 0 comments

Thankfully I have a supportive and understanding Husband. Who doesn't get irritated with me when I overshare and poke fun at him and our life on the Internet. He doesn't laugh when I share my secret wish to be the Erma Bombeck of our generation. He compliments my knitting skills in public and brags to others about what I've made. When we have guests he shows them our ball winder and swift, and if I have an extra hank of yarn he'll wind the hank into a ball to demonstrate how cool it is.
I try to be a good wife. Occasionally I watch Oprah and experience what I like to call "Oprah Guilt." It usually lasts for a day or two where I overcompensate for not being the perfect wife. It involves me doing some half-assed cleaning and distributing back and foot rubs. I try to do all those ridiculous things that I think a wife should do, and usually end up failing miserably. The Husband typically catches on very quickly (Usually right around the time the house is falling down around us) to Oprah Guilt and chastises me for it. I am truly thankful he wants to real me and not the Oprah Guilt me.
He gets his perks too. Like when I knit him stuff. Sometimes I try to do the right thing around the house and fill up the hand soap dispenser. And sometimes when it seems that all the dishes are current (except for drinking glasses) I make big sacrifices. Like drinking out of a used water bottle for three days due to the dearth of available clean glasses. Today I gave in and washed a glass and a few bowls so I didn't have to drink or eat with my hands. What can I say but I like to give.
Obligatory Knitting Content
To distract myself from the self inflicted small disaster on Pistachio I whipped out a fishley toy for the dog. I stuffed it with roving. It's a big hit! I learned of the pattern on the Knitty Coffeeshop message boards. The lovely and talented April Broken Arrow wrote a simple and quick pattern for the fishlets. Some people are making these into a blanket. Which would be disgustingly cute.
I'm also making a baby Kimono for a classmate and his wife who are expecting. They've been trying to have a baby for a while and I am overjoyed to say they are due this fall. My dear Mother sent me the Mother load of knit vintage magazines where I found the sweetest Kimono pattern in an old book dating from 1960, called Bernat Baby Fashions in Baby-Germantown. In homage to the pattern book I am using acrylic Bernat yarn. It is a delight to work with after the trauma of cotton/linen crap and cotton blends that wreak havoc on my hands. Except for that infernal squeaking sound it makes on the needles. But it's easy on the pocketbook and machine washable. A good choice for baby clothes I think.
I'll be adding the other arm as to avoid the one sleeve shorter than the other look. I'd prefer to leave the lopsided look to Theo from The Cosby Show. Remember the episode when Denise sewed the faux designer shirt for him?

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