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In our quest for free hamburgers and some Pool time at a friend's house we met a Grandmotherly type who we'll call Crystal. Crystal figured us as easy targets and so she pulled out her camera phone to show us pictures of her little white floofy dog, Precious. The very moment she told me the dogs name "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" popped in my mind before I could stop it. Stifling laughter I continued to be subjected to not only pictures of Precious, but video of Precious screeching like one of Buffalo Bill's hapless victims. If somehow between now and 60, pigs miraculously learn to fly and I turn into this type of floofy dog videoing, Precious naming, annoying Grandmotherly type you are hereby authorized to smack me. Repeatedly.
Who gets colds in summer time? I do. My ears are backed up again. Rendering me utterly useless.

Evidence of my Utter Uselessness

I can't open my PO Box without assistance. PO Box opening instructions are like tax instructions. I can follow knitting patterns, do calculus and have a college degree. Yet I need help opening my PO Box.

Pistachio hilarity or more evidence of my inability to function.

I futzed around with the decreases ending up with a weird wavy line of decreases. No, I don't know why I did that. Then I dropped the decreases down to the starting point in an effort to straighten them up. Which resulted in disaster and lots of cussing. I was able to bring the decreases back up to the needles but have decided to hide cover them with thick ribbon on either side of the leg.
The March Christmas Sweater monstrosity. I wound a big cone of Classic Elite Venue into a more portable ball. It seems the dog and the cat found it more portable too. It took me 2 and a half hours of tedium to untangle the unholy mess. When I started I had one giant toilet paper shaped ball of yarn. Now I have 7 "mini" hand wound balls.
Spearfish is stuffed in a bag, hidden from view because I don't want to face the reality that the heel must be ripped.
The preceeding evidence of my ineptitude (I hope) was caused by my current cold. If not I attribute it to my exposure to Precious.

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