Proof that sick people have poor judgement.

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I hate being a mouth breather. But Vicks works wonders for stuffed up noses. I don't bother putting it on my chest, I generously apply it directly to my nostrils. I've discovered another miracle curative, Potato chips. They work amazingly well against the ravages of summer colds, being as I can't taste because I can't smell. So it is therefore miraculous (cue angelic chorus) that I can taste potato chips. Ice cream cake also helps fight back the tide of cold induced maladay.
Fast Forward to 3 hours later. Chips and Ice cream do not bode well for sick persons. The previous commentary was in fact incorrect. Will infuse body with gatorade and Chicken Pho (we'll discuss the Vegetarian issues on another day) to counteract the bad juju acquired from eating Chips and Ice Cream when sick.
Further Proof of My Terrible Judgement
I bought a scanner. And in my altered state have been scanning in photographs. Since I have no shame I'll post the highlights here.
I still strike this pose today.
Mr Gordan Korman doing a book signing. The button I'm wearing says "Just say NO to Home Perms."
This is Christine and Me. She was the first knitter I was acquainted with. She made me the most fabulous wool sweater with cables, bobbles, and a hood. Sadly there came a point where I couldn't shove my boobs in there anymore.
I still have the same cowlick today.
Proof I started doing dumb things at a very young age.
On a long car ride to visit my sister I saw this roadside and insisted my parents stop the car so I could have my photograph taken. Whose idea was it to dress me like that?
This here is the Country Store. I wasn't lying about the armchairs. That's me circa 1985 sitting in the head honcho chair.
I was something else in college. That is unequivocally not a beer beside me.
This is the farm where I spent my formative years. Those are the Blue Ridge Mountains (which you may recognize from my wedding photos). I miss the Panorama, but not the small town 'tudes.
Not much knitting going on in these parts. I logged a few more rows on the baby Kimono, I expect to finish the right front and sleeve in the next few days. I'm contemplating adding pink ribbon edging but that might be too cute even for my tastes. I'm also plugging away on the March Christmas Sweater. My goal is to complete one repeat (24 rows) each week. I'm discovering it really is a labor of love to knit someone an entire sweater. But the recipient has knit in times past so I know she will truly appreciate it.
The preceding post was brought to you by a head more full of mucus than thoughts.

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