I'm coming out

Posted on Jun 04, 2005. 0 comments

I hate to clean the toilet. But after intense negotiations with my Husband, I've decided I'd rather clean the toilet than vacuum the floor.
I'm also coming out as a Physicist. I'm usually unwilling to spill the dish on my education due to the blank stares and accompanying drool (that's my contribution to the conversation). But in honor of joining the ScienceKnit ring I figured I'd share my vocation. Or what will be my vocation if when I graduate with my Masters in December.
Ms Enabler herself, Roberta aka owner of the super fantastic shoes called me up and suggested we make an impromptu visit to the Yarn Lady Tri-Annual Bag Sale. In my usual fashion I vowed not to buy anything and came home with 2 bags of wool. But they were such a great price and color I could hardly leave them there could I? It was fate. And I spent less then Roberta by ONE DOLLAR. HAH. I have one vintage pattern in mind for the Electric Boogaloo Blue wool, and am waiting for inspiration for the green superwash.
Curious what 2,376 stitches looks like? Wonder no more. Witness 6 rows of Ene's Scarf heretofore known as Bene.
I'm weak. And foolish. I cast on for Bene using Douceur et Soie although I have only one skein and am unsure if my LYS has 3 more available. Pray for me.
Happy Monday!

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