Mortifyingly Embarrassing

Posted on Jun 07, 2005. 0 comments

The only thing more embarrassing than being hunched over a school toilet (Oh the floor Ohhhhhhhhhhhh) getting ready to retch, is assuming the position and not throwing up. I'm thanking my lucky stars no one walked in on me. I didn't even have the decency to close the damn stall door.
I'm one of those ridiculously recalcitrant sick people. I go driving around, to the LYS (they did in fact have more of my Bene yarn and in the same dyelot), out to lunch, to school for my meeting all while barely having the capacity to hold my head upright. With a head full of marbles and an upset stomach that doesn't know which end it wants to purge. It all blissfully ended with me mumbling incoherent apologies to my advisor for the need to go home. She asked me why I didn't just call her. BECAUSE I AM A DUMBASS.
So I either have
1) A new wisdom tooth breaking through (Yes I am aware that 28 is a wee bit old, but I didn't get my 17 year molars until I was 21).
2) Had some form of dairy. I always knew I had some lactose intolerance, it wasn't until very recently that I connected show stopping heartburn and asthma to cheese.
3) the flu
4) The Stargate disease which forces me to lie in bed reading, drinking gatorade, or watching Stargate.
5) Cheese withdrawal
6) Hypochondria
Why it didn't occur to me to buy massive amounts of yarn today while I was delirious I will never know. DUH!

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