Endangered Yarn

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Dear Sirs and Madams,
Recently a new issue of some significance to the fiber arts community has been brought to my attention, Endangered Yarn. The plight of the Yarn is deeply moving and yet disturbing. My personal testimony with the threatened yarn is due to some recent unsettling experiences. For the benefit of the community I will relive these hair-raising tales.
Alpha Threat
No yarn is safe from the jaws of the predatory beast. Even those much maligned man made fibers. It starts with a snuffle, then a face buried in fiber. Concluding with unadulterated mayhem involving much shrieking and gnashing of teeth upon discovery. The frequency of these types of events elevate them to Alpha Yarncon 1.
Beta Threat
It is with great chagrin I bring the news of the Moth epidemic. I know not if this recently deceased moth (As noted by the circle in figure 2) was of the wool eating variety or not but it's disturbing nature is clear. Thankfully my Husband chivalrously aided the moth in it's eternal slumber with the fishes. As this threat has only occurred twice it is a code Orange, or Alpha Yarncon 2 threat level.
Dear Gentlepeople, I ask you to weigh the evidence detailed here in my epistle with great seriousness. I implore you to buy more yarn be it from your local yarn supplier or online shoppe to help prevent the tragic occurence of yarn endangerment.
Earnestly Yours,
Fickle Q Public

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