A Testament to my Housecleaning Abilities

Posted on Jun 12, 2005. 0 comments

What could be more magical than a chance meeting between a Kitty and a Marshmallow? They spent many tens of minutes cavorting around the house, lunging to and fro, nearly losing each other only to find the joy of their company once again. Kitty says it was almost as much fun as a cat nip bender.
I won't embarrass myself by telling you how long it's been since we've had marshmallows in the pantry, or how many times I've swept or vacuumed since we last had marshmallows. But I digress.
It is with great sadness I inform you the marshmallow is no more. It met it's untimely death by unfortunate accident. The Cat has taken to his bed in mourning having learned a moment on the lips means forever on the hips.
This regular blog is being interrupted to announce I've just felt my first Earthquake! I thought the dog was sitting beside the couch giving himself a good scratch, and thusly jostling the couch for a few seconds.
And then I heard the quiet tinkling my personal Earthquake Alert System. A while ago I hung a small set of wind chimes under the kitchen cabinets for just such an emergency. Despite the chiming of the alert system I implemented I remained calm. My ideas of pets behaving strangely and me running out into the street screaming have been dashed. Both the dog and the cat slept soundly through the whole event.
In the spirit of natural disaster I share my latest knit related calamity. You know that Hubris stuff? Sometimes it really comes back to bite you in the ass needles. I thought I was so clever altering the March Christmas sweater pattern from flat to the round, and making up a fancy schmancy chart because all those words were giving me a headache. Now that I've knit the body up to the shoulders I ask you, what is missing in this picture?
Armholes. Looks like I'll be learning steeking before I'd planned.

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