I want I want I want

Posted on Jun 13, 2005. 0 comments

I know what you're thinking. That I'm allergic to cleaning implements and cleaning in general. That is unequivocally true may be true. However. I do hereby solemnly vow on my most sacred knitting books that if I acquire this cleaning device I will vacuum the floors such that visiting baby kitties can not find bits of trash here and there to play with while I pretend not to notice and then distract the bringer of the baby kitty so she will not notice that I keep a filthy house.
For $500 it better have a toilet cleaning, laundry doing, lawn mowing, and dishwashing attachment. I also intend to vacuum the cat, dog, and husband on a regular basis.
To further prove my need for the aforementioned cleaning contrivance contraption I've started knitting some essential coordinates. I'd offer earnest money but it is *ahem* tied up in other ventures.
In conclusion I offer up two final words for my Husband. Topless Vacuuming.

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