Earthquake Tutelage

Posted on Jun 18, 2005. 2 comments

In honor of my Earthquake Newbie Hysteria I've created the following button.
If you are in California, have visited California, like the idea of California, or occasionally read about California you are welcome to save the button to your server and use it on your blog.
Here are a few of the things I've compiled to help put my mind at ease in the event of another Earthquake. Not pictured are my bicycle helmet and full body protection which consists of a giant rubbermaid bin filled with acrylic yarn with arm, leg, and head holes cut out.
Earthquake Sensing Equipment
Personal Audio Alert System
This audio system alerts the user under the following conditions:
1. When the window is open.
2. During an Earthquake.
There is no need for electricity or battery power. Also works as Pavlovian Training for husbands.
Ground Movement Authentication Device
The Authentication Device will verify Earthquake was not a figment of users imagination. Will report back on success/failure after device goes online later this week.
Dirt Reclamation Implement
This is not an Earthquake sensing device per se, but it does help with forgetting about the impending "Big One."
Recovery Apparatus
Recovery is a critical step in the Earthquake Experience. Sometimes two, even three treatments are necessary to experience full rejuvenation.


  • Posted by lella on Aug 02, 2008

    Silly Michelle.. you are supposed to dash into the bathroom and see if the water in the toilet is sloshing back and forth. :) Honest..
    lella from way down south…

  • Posted by Kim on Jun 19, 2009

    Heh. You are tooooooooo funny. Glad I found your site today! Love your writing, your wit and your photos. Thanks for the time you put into your site and……congrats on getting that thesis done.

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