My Kingdom for a Finished Object

Posted on Jun 26, 2005. 0 comments

In an effort to guilt/embarrass myself into completing something, anything, I've taken pictures of my dirty laundry unfinished objects.
It's best to break it up into categories at this point.
March Christmas Sweater
This is what will one day be arms for the March Christmas Sweater. I say eventually because I have yet to add holes for arms in the body of the sweater. This gift is for Christmas, so I have over 5 months to get my ass in gear act together. Anyone remember what size needles I knit the body on?
Ribs and Lace
I really enjoyed knitting this one. I have one sleeve left to go! I'm still sort of ambivalent about the sleeves but am reserving judgement until seaming.
Baby Kimono
Look at all those ends! And the edging, begging for lace. And where are the ties? Good thing this bebe isn't due until October.
Best Foot Forward
I am testing the frontier of knitting on these. I knit the cuff longer (to Husbands Specification), with cabling, and to Size 13 feet. I'd call your bookie if I were you, the odds of me running out of yarn are a good 2:1.
Oh my dearest Spearfish, how I wish you weren't on size US 0 needles.
Maybe one day soon I can finish this one and move on to the Second Sock. Also a good opportunity for placing bets.
Flower Basket Shawl
I'm nearly done the written pattern, but I want to throw in a few extra rows for length. I'll have no trouble finishing this as it's been a fun knit except for all the counting.
Oh evil be thy name. I'll be weaving in ends and shipping Trans-Atlantic. As I can't bear to exist on the same continent. Luckily I have a pre-pubescent niece to give this to, since I've yet to meet a woman who it will fit.
Ene's Scarf
385 stitches per row, enough said.
My Own Humble Designs
Scrap Wool Blanket
As you can see, this blanket is moving along slowly. I have more than enough scrap yarn to make a lovely blanket. Just no motivation.
Nordic Inspired Scarf
I'm steeking it. Because I am crazy.
Thankfully the lovely Joan M has created a knitblogcopy.jpg Unfinished Object Knit Ring.
Someone has to crack the whip! Thanks Joan!

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