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It looks simple on the outside, simply a few tags enclosing text. I've had my share of programming experience in the past, so I'm not sure why this has become so difficult. Here's a sample of one of my html fiddling sessions:
-Make miniscule change
-Go to website, Refresh
-See changes didn't do what I intended
-Get up
-Walk over to wall
-Bang Head
-Go back to computer
-Try new tactic
-Go to website, Refresh
-See changes didn't do what I intended
-Get up
-Walk over to wall
-Bang Head
You get the idea. I have had limited success. I created a new page for links outside this blog all by myself. Sounds deceptively simple, I know. Deny to self that the spacing of the three columns is crap.
The kind and wise Becky has been putting up with my pain in the ass emails
offering suggestions. I am forever grateful. I'll be overjoyed after I figure out how to make my three column format look good on all browsers. Is that even possible? *Stifling maniacal laughter*
I Can Knit for Miles and Miles
So. The Interweave Knits Shorts are finito. Except for the miles and miles of icord and sewing the rolled top edge down. I did lots of fudging on this pattern, so it's really more of an approxmation than a strict following of the instructions.
I knit both legs in the round despite the instructions not to do so. Then I knit them together in one giant round, binding off for the legs as appropriate . Next I added waist shaping, using my favorite house shorts as a template. I did a terrible job of decreasing and ended up mattress stitching over the whole mess. But overall I'm happy with the results.
I also finished the Continental Style dishcloth from yesterday. I stopped just before the feather and fan pattern because I didn't want to hold the title of "World's Largest Knit Dishcloth."
I plan on continuing with continental Knitting until my brain and hands know how to do it as well as English style. It may take a few months.
Wah Wah Wah
I need to have my handheld. I am getting ready to frog my Spearfish Sock. It's a lovely, well thought out pattern.
I blame the knitter. This is my first project that is going to be totally frogged and not picked up again. It's just not meant to be my friends. I'll be looking to unload the sock yarn because if I ever lay my eyes on it again it will be TOO SOON. It's Brown Sheep Co. Wildfoote in the Tom Cat colorway.
Guess the number of balls of yarn I have documented in my stash and I'll send the stinking piles of *&^%$#@! yarn your way.
Runner up gets more Wildfoote yarn in the Desert colorway!
Contest ends Friday close of business West Coast time.

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