Slow Day

Posted on Jun 30, 2005. 0 comments

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I've been knitting on the Best Foot Forward Socks, holding my breath to see if I'll have enough yarn. I have approximately 4 and a half inches left to go and not much yarn to carry me there. If things look really dicey I'll add a gray toe. The Husband already wears those godawful athletic socks that have the gray toes with his Man Sandals, so I think it won't offend his delicate fashion sensibilities.
Here's a hilarious flash animation. I laugh and laugh every time I watch it. What can I say, I'm easily amused.
I'll also admit to watching summer trash tv while we wait for Netflix 24 DVDs to arrive in the mail. My current favorite is Dancing with the Stars. I love John O'Hurley's sense of drama. I also watch Hit Me Baby One More Time, but wouldn't admit to doing so publicly. Publicly I just tell everyone I watch PBS. And Sunday Morning Pundit Shows. But secretly I am lapping up the drivel for the masses. I am Proletariat masquerading as Bourgeoisie. It'll be our little secret.
Beware the X-Ray Tech or What Lurks in the Doctor's Office
When confronted with someone wearing a "X-Ray Tech" name badge who claims they are there to draw your blood do you:
a) Break out Knitting Needles and stab him, running away while he's not looking.
b) Let him poke you unsuccessfully twice, while calling your veins "Bad."
c) Let out your inner hypochondriac and ponder all the diseases you might have.
d) Mutter curses silently to yourself in the Doctor's Office.
Today I chose "b." Next time I'll opt for "a" so long as I remember my sock needles.

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