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Posted on Jul 03, 2005. 0 comments

The following was written while the FickleKnittress was partaking of a stiff drink taking a nap. She claims no responsibility for the events that follow whether real or fictional.
Look at me! I'm so shiny and pretty and so very new. Who needs to seam up sweaters and finish socks when you could be poking yourself with stick pins?
Just because I'm the red headed step child of the knitting basket doesn't mean I shouldn't be seamed up! Me and my Pirate Sleeves are taking our toys and going home high-tailing it back to the corner.
I don't quite know what those curses meant. I mean, what is "A thousand lashes upon the Ewe that bore me" anyway? And "May the seven terriers of hell sit on the spool of your breast and bark in at your soul-case?" Do I even have a "Soul-case" and if so is it intimidated by barking?
It all seems perhaps a little extreme. All because of a sized 13 foot, cables, a discontinued color, and almost enough sock wool.
And What do you think she meant by "May every day of it be wet for ye?"

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