Knitting is the Gateway Drug Craft

Posted on Jul 06, 2005. 0 comments

It starts out as a harmless enough craft. Maybe you fantasize about whipping out a few baby blankets, a few hats perhaps, at most some cleverly made mittens for those who live in colder climates. Then you start shopping at higher end yarn shops in search of the perfect yarn, the perfect project, the perfect buttons. It consumes virtually every waking moment, planning the "next big thing." And, even though you detest flying you find yourself on an airplane! Headed on your merry way to an actual by-god Knitting Convention. It seems there is no limit to the depths you'll go for your avocation.
You continue to patronize the high end shops, but occasionally venturing into local craft shops in search of possible yarn sources as the yarn at home simply is never enough.
Next thing you know you come home with a sewing machine. Now you live in a whole new world of possibility. One where you spend hours contemplating what you can make to aid your already all consuming knitting habit.
You scour websites and buy books, learning how to make purses, or zippered pouches which are perfect for your knitting accoutrements.
Then Your family starts checking your new hand crafted tote bag for remnants of illicit fabric or yarn Stash Enhancing eXperiences.
Sighing in absolute resignation to learn you've spent yet another $40 USD on more unnecessary serotonin enhancement.
Once your credit cards have been taken away by armed thugs, you turn to sewing up paper bags, and cutting up clothes in the Charity pile for your own nefarious purposes.
I, Michelle, am a Craftaholic.
Say, does anyone know anything about Quilting?

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