Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

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I am completely and utterly helpless without my Husband. But please, don't tell him. He thinks of me as the Woman who put herself entirely through college with Scholarships and working every job she could find. Someone who can clean up after themselves, take care of goldfish, dish out insults in mixed company and take a few herself. A Wife who kept her maiden name (Always fun at family functions). Bought her own car, can fumble her way around a machine shop, and is pretty able with electronics.
So I ask you, gentle readers, Why is it when the Husband travels for Business I am incapable of the most menial of tasks?
Evidence if Ineptitude of the past 24 hours:
A) I spilt half a bag of unpopped popcorn in the Kitchen.
B) I knocked over my bead organizer which held approximately 7,000,453,892 beads.
C) Somehow knocked a bottle of salad dressing onto the floor, which exploded.
So. Here I sit, covered in Balsamic Vinegar and Oil, with unpopped popcorn stuck to one foot, and beads stuck to the other.
I can't wait til he gets home.
Knitting Content
Did you know I have Anti-Orangutan arms? I followed the instructions explicitly on Ribs and Lace for the arms. It said "Knit pattern until sleeve reaches underarm." Somehow between then and now the space-time continuum has been altered such that the sleeves are about 4 inches too long, reaching well beyond my hands. I did, however finally get the sleeves seemed on. This was my first experience with knitting sleeves in the round. It didn't occur to me that I'd have to seem some of the sleeve together being that is was already in the round and all. But I've worked it out, and all that's left is to fix the sleeves and pick up stitches for the collar.
I've ordered more Kroy Hickory Sock Yarn for the blasted My Dearest Husband's sock. I've already cast on for the second sock hoping to get as much done as possible. This means either the sock yarn will be a totally different color, or it will never arrive in the mail. Or, due to the earlier disruption of the space-time continuum with my ill fated sleeves, the Second Sock yarn will arrive and everything will go smoothly.
I've started the March Christmas sweater's first sleeve in the round. It's going along quite well. And I'm learning the sewing machine (I know how to do Gathers now!) to aid in the seaming as I forgot to leave armholes in the body.
To those in London, my thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

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