Random Blathering

Posted on Jul 10, 2005. 0 comments

It's a Man Apron, hereby known as a Mapron. You know why? 'Cause there are Roosters all over it. I'll leave the subtleties of that statement for your interpretation.
Something is right with the Universe. Not only did the extra yarn arrive in a very short time, it was the right color and the exact same dye lot. I won't be going to Vegas any time soon because clearly I've used up my allotment of serendipity for the month.
It's for knitting projects, I SWEAR! At least the sewing provides entertainment for other patrons in our local Fabric Shop. The most recent example of this occurred Saturday.
As we pass by the Pleather fabric bin:
The Husband: Boy this Pleather sure would make some great Speedos. Would you make me some Speedos?
Her Fickleness: I use my sewing only for the powers of good, not evil.
Happy Monday!

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