Being Fickle Knitter

Posted on Jul 13, 2005. 0 comments

I've found new Trash TV to replace the empty void left by such thought provoking shows as Dancing with the Stars and Hit Me Baby 1 More Time. It's a little show called Being Bobby Brown. The highlight of the latest episode has Mr. Brown himself talking menacingly to his shoe. The laces appear to be caught around his ankle, and he repeatedly asks "Shoe, Why you following me?" as he wanders around his hotel room with his shoe flapping in the wind.
I am happy to report Being Bobby Brown won't keep me awake at night as did the so called "Educational" programs as seen on PBS.
I have been knitting, I have photographic evidence!
Sleeve number one of two for the notorious March Christmas Sweater.
I've finished my Husbands Best Foot Forward socks. He wears a size 13. Now is a good time to mention that most retailers do not sell shoes larger than a size 12. Not that I'm complaining. Up with Rainforests.
The Socks have shown me nothing but attitude since they've come off the needles...
Shoe, Why you following me?
I'm Whitney Houston's Husband.

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