'Arry Potter

Posted on Jul 17, 2005. 0 comments

I am hesitant to start the latest installment of the Potter series because I know I won't come up for air until I'm completely finished.
That means no knitting! And Deity knows, I was deprived enough of my knitting yesterday. We visited the theme park that lives in Sunny Anaheim, California.
A place where sock knitting needles have been deemed dangerous. I tell you my friends, the only thing dangerous about those needles is me when someone tries to take them away.
I know she looks like a kind lady, but I assure you she is a Malevolent Dowager-in-Training.
Knitting Jail
It's not all bad. Perhaps a day in solitary confinement will prevent this sock from going down the dangerous road of excess as did the Best Foot Forward sock.
Scare 'em straight I always say.
We did have a terrific time at the theme park. There was not a single line longer than 40 minutes although the park was very crowded.
And I got to ride the teacups!
Dear Joan,
I have finished a sleeve on the much maligned March Christmas Sweater. I have one more to go.
Your Procrastinating Internet Friend Who Always Needs Cajoling,

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